Buck Miller Hann Funeral Home


Buck Miller Hann Funeral Home & Cremation Services
A Dignity Memorial Provider

A Dignity Memorial provider located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Buck Miller Hann Funeral Home & Cremation Services provides the community with unmatched services and comforting care at a difficult time.

The Dignity Memorial® network of more than 1,800 licensed providers is North America’s largest and most trusted brand for your funeral, cremation or cemetery needs. Whether your need is now or you are making end-of-life final arrangements in advance, you can count on your Dignity Memorial provider for professionalism, quality and service excellence.

When you choose a Dignity Memorial funeral home or cemetery provider, you’ll receive access to exclusive benefits, including National Transferability of Prearranged Services, the Bereavement Travel Program, the 24-Hour Compassion Helpline® and an acclaimed grief management library. Benefits such as these, combined with our compassionate professionals and expertise in funeral arrangements, burial services and veterans’ burial benefits, make our funeral homes, mortuaries and cemeteries a wise choice for you and your family.

When it comes to preplanning for yourself or making final arrangements for someone you love, the Dignity Memorial network is the brand you can trust for all of your funeral, cremation, cemetery and memorial service needs.

  • Buck Miller Hann Funeral Home
  • 825 East 17th Street,
    Idaho Falls, ID 83404
  • 208-522-7424 Office
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